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2x or NO2X: Why Some Want to Hard Fork Bitcoin — and Why Others Do Not. October 6, 2017. 698. Share. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Telegram. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Advertisment. NO to more security tradeoffs . SegWit2x opponents generally agree that increasing Bitcoin’s block size comes with a number of tradeoffs. You want the latest news about Crypto? Then follow us on Google News! For one.

2X or No2X  All you need to know about  Segwit2x23 Apr 2019.


main difference between Bitcoin and, for example, Ethereum in terms of consensus is No2x,” Pouliot continued. “2x would have happened on.

Replay: 2X or No2X? The 2 Sides Debated — Conference Call, Oct 26th, 2pm-3pm est. Originally published by Lou Kerner on October 14th 2017 @loukernerLou Kerner. Below is a replay of the conference call held on October 26th. Alex Morcos’s deck from the call can be found here. A little over three months ago, SegWit, a Bitcoin upgrade, was activated, resulting in the creation of an altcoin.

07/10/2017  · SegWit2x is highly controversial. Most of Bitcoin’s development community, a number of other companies, some mining pools and — if public polls and futures markets are representative — a majority of users and the market are not on board with this hard fork.

28 Sep 2017.

Anti-2X: SegWit was mainly what we wanted for Bitcoin, and it has happened. Increasing the block size to 2MB requires a hard fork, which we.

09/10/2017  · YES to 2X keeping their word While doubling Bitcoin’s block size would (probably) decrease average fees and/or confirmation times, the recent activation of.

10 Nov 2017.

There've also been a lot of tweets with a hashtag #NO2x around Twitter opposing the hard fork. The #Segwit2x fork just kind of happened by.

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