Bitcoin Exchange Nicehash Robbed Of $64 Million From Its Wallet

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6 Dec 2017.

A Slovenian cryptocurrency mining marketplace, NiceHash, said it lost about $64 million worth of bitcoin in a hack of its payment system, the latest.

mining firm NiceHash, which said it had suffered a hack of its Bitcoin wallet,

More than 980,000 bitcoins have been stolen from exchanges, which would be.

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8 Dec 2017.

Bitcoin Stolen: How NiceHash Was Robbed Of $78 Million and What's.

On Wednesday, the Bitcoin mining service was targeted by an.

got hit by attackers that lifted $31 million from their digital wallet.

That remains perhaps the most infamous bitcoin heist of them all, and the attack forced the exchange.

Hackers SWIPE $64 MILLION in Bitcoin From NiceHashBitfinex In 2016, $72 million were stolen through exploiting the exchange wallet, users were refunded. NiceHash In 2017 more than $60 million worth of.

7 Dec 2017.

As the value of Bitcoin $BTCâ–³4.39% soars, it also turns holders of large volumes of the currency into prime targets for thieves. That's what.

8 Dec 2017.

The hacked service was NiceHash, a Slovenia-based mining exchange. It said it was working hard to recover the Bitcoin for its users, adding: "Someone.

worth of its tokens were stolen; a "code bug" in Ethereum's digital wallets.

a South Korean exchange, Bithumb, saying that one of its employee's PCs.

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