Bitcoin Is Dead 2018

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1 Jan 2019.

A look at the history of cryptocurrency in 2018 has shown that Bitcoin (BTC) has risen from a “dead” designation in the media 90 times, data.

25 Dec 2018.

Bitcoin has died 90 times in 2018, piling up obituaries in mainstream and crypto news outlets around the world during a prolonged bear market.

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25 Dec 2018.

The rumors of bitcoin's death are greatly exaggerated, according to the stunning number of obituaries it racked up during a dismal crypto bear.

25 Dec 2018.

According to the Bitcoin Obituaries webpage, the cryptocurrency 'died' 90 times in 2018. Since the inception of Satoshi's great invention, almost.

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Cryptos. Bitcoin is pretty much dead, says teenage crypto phenom. Published: Dec. 17, 2018 at 9:35 a.m. ET. By. Aaron Hankin. Comments.