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Andreas is known all over the world as being a successful crypto entrepreneur, author (Mastering Bitcoin) and speaker. He has been a mainstay fixture of the global crypto landscape for many years now and is even the host of one of the most popular podcasts related to this space called ’Let’s Talk Bitcoin’.

It was first brought to my attention on BoingBoing that Joe Rogan podcast decided to interview the Bitcoin Jesus, Andreas Antonopoulos. Although, I just Google Searched, “bitcoin jesus” and this guy wasn’t mentioned. Nonetheless, in Joe Rogans podcast they made reference to AA being the Jesus. In fact, AA reported to BoingBoing and was credited with his article on the website. So we see.

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11/12/2017  · Nicknamed "Bitcoin Jesus," Ver was an early proponent of bitcoin and bought $25,000 worth in 2011 that is now worth $425 million. However, in the debate over how to improve bitcoin.

2 Sep 2019.

Photo: Roger Ver, known as Bitcoin Jesus, in Tokyo (Bloomberg). After publicizing its plans last month, Roger Ver-led today.

THE BITCOIN JESUS ANDREAS ANTONOPOULOS - Brian Rose's Real Deal -  · As a bitcoin entrepreneur, Andreas has founded three bitcoin businesses and launched several community open-source projects. He often writes articles and blog posts on bitcoin, is a permanent host on Let’s Talk Bitcoin and prolific public speaker at technology events. Andreas serves on the advisory boards of several bitcoin startups and serves as the Chief Security Officer of.

Andreas Kaplan-Jun 9, 2019. His next birthday is away. Crypto Net Worth: $1.1 billion-$2.

he worked closely with well-known Bitcoin evangelists.

investor and CEO Roger Ver, who has been referred to as “Bitcoin Jesus” due to.


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Andres Romero. CEO. Nova Bit.

Jesus Rodriguez. Securitize.

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As time passes an interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology has.

Andreas Antonopoulos (Bitcoin Jesus) and others like him available, but.


de begin jaar een echte Bitcoin evangelist en kreeg de bijnaam Bitcoin Jesus.

Andreas Antonopoulos speelt een zeer belangrijke rol in de ontwikkeling van.