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The French retail sector has responded to claims by medical professionals that they are ‘profiteering’ through the sale of.

ChrisMD, a British football YouTuber with almost 5 million subscribers, spent three months training to sprint as fast as.

COVID-19 has devastated France and seriously damaged public trust in President Emmanuel Macron, writes Don Murray.

France is set to auction off parts of its large collection of antique furniture in support of hospitals during the.

Inter alia: BANQUE DE FRANCE, "Les dangers liés au développement des monnaies virtuelles: l'exemple de bitcoin", in Focus, no. 10, 5. December 2013.

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7 Jun 2016.

The National Front wants to preserve cash and ban Bitcoin, which it sees.

on an international level,” he told the French newspaper le Figaro.

27 Mar 2020.

This meant placing bitcoin in the same bracket as money and other financial assets in France for the first time, reassuring users that they will.

A team will enter the Paris cathedral site on Monday to make arrangements for around 50 construction workers to return from.

24H À PARIS QU'AVEC DES BITCOINS | Feat. LéonardFrench president says artists will be invited into schools and asked to create new commissions, but many art professionals.