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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more . How to safely get an immutable byte slice from a `&mut [u32]`? Ask Question Asked 11 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 275 times 9. In a rather low level part of a project of mine, a function receives a mutable slice of primitive data (&mut [u32] in this case). This.

cryptodev-linux/crypto/cryptodev.h. Find file Copy path. Fetching.

__u32 cipher; /* cryptodev_crypto_op_t */. __u32 mac; /* cryptodev_crypto_op_t */. __u32.

by using bitcoin-cli, but the interface we use to gather Bitcoin data is. * standardized.

void (*cb)(struct bitcoind *bitcoind, const u32 satoshi_per_kw[], void *);.

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5 May 2015.

#![crate_name = "router_os"] #![crate_type = "lib"] extern crate crypto; use.

String ::from_utf8(buff).unwrap() } fn write_len(&mut self, len: u32) { if.

45 # define BSWAP4(x) ({ u32 ret=(x); . 46 asm ("bswapl %0" . 47 : "+r"(ret)); ret; }). 48 # elif (defined(__i386) || defined(__i386__)) && !defined(I386_ONLY).

Macros. #define, GETU32(pt) (((u32)(pt)[0] << 24) ^ ((u32)(pt)[1] << 16) ^ ((u32)(pt )[2] << 8) ^ ((u32)(pt)[3])). #define, PUTU32(ct, st) { (ct)[0] = (u8)((st) >> 24);.

pub struct Transaction { pub version: u32, pub lock_time: u32, pub input: Vec<TxIn>, pub output: Vec<TxOut>, } A Bitcoin transaction, which describes an authenticated movement of coins. If any inputs have nonempty witnesses, the entire transaction is serialized in the post-BIP141 Segwit format which includes a list of witnesses.

The same applies for u32. On a x86 machine, unsigned int is 32 bits long, so u32 for that machine could be defined as follows: typedef unsigned int u32; You’ll generally find the typedef declaration for these types on a types.h file which corresponds to the architecture you’re compiling your source to.