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The Corporate Wars (Borderlands)Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Wiki is an encyclopedia database that contains everything you need to know about Gearbox Softwares’ upcoming science fiction–based first-person shooter, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. You’ll find anything from characters and enemies to manufacturers and media here at Borderlands Wiki!

Experience points (also exp or XP) are the primary reward for undertaking adventures in Borderlands. Every character starts with 0 experience points and at level 1. Completing missions and killing hostile creatures results in experience points awarded to all of the characters present in the group. Completing achievements or challenges will also increase exp. Experience points can be gained.

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Borderlands Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Borderlands video game and all its downloadable contents. The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise, such as weapons, items, classes, character builds, enemies, walkthroughs and more!