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The Breaking Bitcoin conference, first organized last summer in Paris, is returning for its second edition under the name “Building on Bitcoin,” this time in Lisbon, July 3–4, 2018. While the event in the French capital was centered around security, the one in the Portuguese capital will focus on second-layer technologies and other creative uses of the [.


Videos of the "Breaking Bitcoin" 2017 conference proceedings. Was held in Paris September 9-10th, 2017. The focus of the conference was on Bitcoin Security. This was also shortly after the Bitcoin core vs Bitcoin Cash split (in August of 2017). https://b.

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The Breaking Bitcoin conference was born out of discussions on the CryptoFR Slack ,a discussion platform for the growing developer community in France. A group of volunteers, including French Bitcoin community member Pierre Lorcery, Chainsmiths managing director Kevin Loaec and Ledger CTO Nicolas Bacca, as well as Caifornia-based Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark, decided to organize the.


Breaking Bitcoin 2019 - Lightning Security Panel04/09/2017 · The Breaking Bitcoin conference was born out of discussions on the CryptoFR Slack,a discussion platform for the growing developer community in France.A group of volunteers, including French.

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Breaking Bitcoin is an event for the technical community focusing on the security of Bitcoin and everything around it. Presentations aim to be technical, focusing on vulnerabilities, theorical or.

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