Gold Commemorative Coins

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Commemorative coins have been popular since back in the days of the ancient Greece and Rome. The ancients recorded important events in the life of their.

5 Fr. Commemorative coin 1948 100 years Federal Constitution Gift of Swiss Confederation to Swiss centenarians. Artists: Max Weber, Geneva (obverse) and .

By Tom Michael This week we begin the third part of what we thought would be a two-part article. Response from mints and.

4 Mar 2020.

The Royal Mint has announced the launch of its James Bond commemorative coin and gold bar collection ahead of the release of the 25th.

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What's with the modern commemorative coin market? Should I buy silver/gold commemorative coins?Although the demand for new banknotes increases significantly ahead of Eids, this year the business is dull as fewer people are coming out because of the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent.

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The oldest privately owned and operated mint in the United States is documenting the battle against the Coronavirus by debuting a yet-to-be-completed series of collectible, one-ounce, antimicrobial,

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Finished to the highest standard and issued in 22 carat gold, this five-coin set contains coins marking important anniversaries being observed by The Royal Mint.